Conservation Diver

Coral Reef ConservationWhy Conservation Diver?

The Conservation Diver Specialty course teaches divers, snorkelers and non-divers about the vital role protecting the waters. The course also familiarizes participants with the current state of the Chicago area waters and how they can help.

What do I need to start?

  • PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization)
  • Minimum age: 12 years old

What will I do?

This course includes:

  • An introduction to the local waters in the Chicago area
  • The importance of the ecosystems and coastal areas and the changes that are occuring
  • How pollution affects the local waters
  • How participants can help, including responsible diving and snorkeling practices

How long will it take?

  • Recommended Course Hours: two
  • One academic session and one open water dive

What will I need?

  • The desire to make a difference

What does the course cost?

  • $90 plus course materials

Where can I go from here?

The Conservation Diver Specialty course may count as one of five Specialty course certifications required for the Master Scuba Diver certification.

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