Why Patrick Did That

Why Patrick Did That

We thought it would be fun to let our friends and customers know why I did things, so welcome to the first article of which I hope will be many.

Why I chose PADI over other agencies.

Why Did I become a PADI Course Director?

It was 1975, and I was in love with diving and teaching it. I was creating a lot of Divemasters, and they were seeking to become like me. This is when I saw that after they completed a PADI ITC (Instructor Training Course), they were not like me. I was concerned and started to look into the many programs. Turns out the trainers, PADI Course Directors, were able to design most of their program. So each one was a little different and NONE were the way I thought or wanted them to be. I just could not hire the people coming back to work for me that I had to groom. So in my closet I hung the PADI Master Instructor Application and every day I would look at it and click off what I could. As soon as that was completed, I went off to become a PADI Course Director. It was very cold and rainy at Racine but I got thru it. During this program, I actually became good friends with my trainer; Ralph Erickson, he was one of the founders of PADI.

I remember one of the first if not the first program I conducted in Crystal River Florida. One of the men in it, Jeff Mondale, became a store owner and then went to work in the industry. Jeff worked in a few companies and is still very involved. What a great feeling it is to help someone follow their dreams.

Teaching SCUBA is fun, watching the expressions on the faces of new divers after they complete a skill is fantastic. Well that doubles when you conduct an instructor program and see them pass the course. It is a wonderful feeling, helping other obtain their dream. I was fortunate and had great guidance in my teens. I now am the one giving that to enthusiastic divers.

I have been a PADI Course Director, since 1975. I do not believe there is any Course Directors that are active from back then. What is cool is that I still have the same enthusiasm and passion for my job. Simply, I just love it. Today I could brag and say the truth that NO ONE HAS AS MUCH EXPERIENCE AS I DO. I hate that and try never to say it. My classes see that when they enroll in the program. It only takes a few hours with me for them to learn how well experienced I am. I have assisted a lot of people, I want to say hundreds but not sure if it is over a hundreds. They now or did open their own dive center. I have assisted many instructors in obtaining their next rating as well as have been a major factor in developing their knowledge into blossoming out and becoming a PADI COURSE DIRECTOR. Now that is assumed, to be able to help bring an instructor to my level. And think they do not have to get thru all the stuff I did. They do not have to write the programs and specialties I did. I love it when I go to our trade show and see all these new Course Directors and especially the ones I helped get to this level.

Another part of my job is watching the new instructor pursue their interest and some retire and live off a pension and diving. Others go into diving full time and in most Islands, I teach at their pay doubles. I have been very lucky to be offering training throughout the Caribbean since 1978. You know there is a lot to be said about experience, I know. So I am doing a good thing for people careers and after work careers. It truly is a fascinating position.

Thanks, to all those that have taken programs and are living the dream; and for supporting me in my dream.

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