Thank you for your interest in our private swim lesson program!

We look forward to assisting you in the achievement of your aquatic goals, whether you want your child to swim competitively or you as an adult would like to participate to gain confidence in a warm and relaxed environment. Our indoor, 89 degree pool is the ideal place to learn to swim, and the 30 minutes of exclusive one-on-one instruction you receive will speed your swim development and ensure that your next aquatic experience will be a positive one. Please read down the list for answers to more specific questions regarding scheduling, program curriculum, and policies.

  1. Our Program
    We teach the PADI Swim School curriculum, which has a two-fold focus: swim skill development and safety. From the first lesson, we seamlessly integrate water safety and independent movement in the water with easy, confidence-building activities designed to develop good stroke form. We do not teach skills that students will have to "un-learn" later as their stroke technique develops; each level builds on the previous level and encourages the formation of good strokes from the beginning. As a companion to this program, each student receives a Personal Record book and participation certificates or patches for each passed level.

  2. Our Prices
    We book our students for 30 minute lessons into sessions lasting five weeks. This means that you book and purchase your 30 min. space once a week for the length of the session. Each five-week session is $125 per student. This price can be adjusted at a rate of $25 per class if you have a planned absence within the session; for example, if you have pre-scheduled vacations, sporting events, or are coming into a session after the first week, we would discount appropriately. However, each student must pre-pay for all remaining lessons within the session to take advantage of that pricing.

  3. Scheduling
    We schedule swim lessons Monday-Friday from 3pm-8pm. From June-August, we additionally schedule swim lessons from 11am-2pm. We do not offer swim lessons on weekends. You can sign up anytime; however, you must be prepared to lock into the day and time agreed on for the remainder of the current session.

If swim lessons sound like something for you please email our swim coordinator to sign up or if you have anymore questions: info@scubaemporium.com